Late Work Policy For Beginning Art I and AP Studio Students


As stated in the handbook, with EXCUSED absences, a student may receive FULL credit within 1-5 days of the required due date if the work is turned in on the day they return to school. 


Note: If a student has my class on a B Day and has an EXCUSED absence and returns to school on an A Day, the required work is due on that day to gain Full Credit. If not, the following applies: 


Please note as well: Based on extenuating circumstances that cannot be helped, if a student communicates with me effectively I will exercise a 1 to 1 option with that student where the required work could still receive full credit. This is only after I have clarified all aspects of why the work was late. I will always lean towards the benefit of the student.  


  1. Meet the Deadline for all exercises and assignments!!! 

  2. Days late:1-5                90% becomes the max a student will receive. 

  3. Days late:6                   80% becomes the max a student will receive. 

  4. Days late:7                   70% becomes the max a student will receive

  5. Days late:8                   60% becomes the max a student will receive.

  6. Days late:9                   50% becomes the max a student will receive.


Please note it is an adopted policy of Myers Park High School that any student will work 9 days late or greater will receive a mark of 50% in Powerschool.


Please also note that this policy states “days late,” NOT, class periods late. The concept of (A Day) and (B Day) do not apply in this situation. Once a student has missed a due date the clock begins. The situation applies to physical school days, not whether they have me on an A Day or a B Day and decide to wait until they have my class again because it is an inconvenience to walk to the V-Building to turn in their work.


This situation does not apply to when work is NOT turned in at all. If work is not turned in, then the result will be a 0.


Notice:The late dates do NOT state that any student will receive the MAX percentage just because the work was late. This percentage indicates the Maximum they COULD receive predicated on the quality of the work, their work ethic, the effort they put in the work and the execution of the desired parameters of the prompt.


Example: If a student is 5 days late with their work, meaning,...the work was due on a Thursday—That Thursday becomes day one (1). Friday no work (2), Monday no work (3), Tuesday no work (4), Wednesday no work (5), Thursday no work (6), then the student turns the work in the following Friday (7). The physical school day count at this time would be a (6) days. The maximum the student can receive is an 80. Again, this does not mean the student automatically get the maximum of 80 points.


If there is late work, I reserve all rights to gauge each student’s situation individually, (i.e. health and life threatening emergencies, sickness, family, etc). If I find that a student has falsified information for the late work, I will go back and correct the grade accordingly. I will do this after talking directly to the parent or guardian.