Beginning Art I/Intermediate Materials List


  1. Sketch book—(Average size 8 ½ X 11)—Spiral bound, hardback or softback

  2. Pens (Fine tip ink pens) do not get ball point ink 

  3. #2 Pencils

  4. Fine tip & Fat tip Sharpie Permanent makers

  5. Washable Markers—Classic, Bold, & Tropical

  6. Magic Rub eraser

  7. Scissors

  8. Colored Pencils (12 multi-color pack)—Prismacolor, Ticonderoga are better than Crayola or Prang which are not good brands for colored pencils.

  9. Glue Sticks

  10. Elmer’s glue

  11. Multi-colored set of Oil Pastels

  12. Multi-colored set of Chalk Pastels

  13. Portfolio large enough to house an 20 X 24 sheet of paper

  14. Art Tackle Box Optional


Please note: All of these supplies/materials do not need to be purchased all at once. I will be explaining to each class when it is necessary for the collection of these supplies for the various projects we will be engaging in throughout the year.

If you feel compelled to get everything all at once then by all means do so. 

Suggestion: Purchase or create a tackle box for those supplies that will make it easier for the transportation to and from school.