Last Project

Beginning Art I’s, Intermediates and AP Studio

Note: Beginning Art I’s and Intermediates this is your last 4th Quarter Grade and will double as your final exam. Meaning it will count twice. Example, if you make a 95, your last grade in 4th quarter will be a 95 and your final exam will be a 95 too.

4 Criteria—each is worth 25

  1.  Degree of Execution—(how you accomplish your task, carrying it out)

  2. Conceptual Integrity—(innovativeness and originality of your designs/ideas) 

  3. Amount of Color Variations Obtained--(primary, secondary, tertiary and beyond)

 4. Location, Location, Location—(where you execute your efforts)

     Example: A garage, a cul-de-sac, a parking lot, your kitchen table, your front yard, your back yard,…      literally any place will work.

Google: Creative ways to create a color wheel and then click, images.

Start planning your execution 

Rules of engagement:

  1. You may only use found objects that are easy to secure

  2. Do NOT steal or (borrow indefinitely) any material at any time for this FINAL. If items are given to you, you may use them

  3. You must have a photograph taken with you in the picture with your spectrum creation and or a 10-15 second video

  4. Do not disassemble anything of importance just for this final unless your parent/guardian/neighbor says it is ok

  5. You may only use resources you have access to at your finger tips 

  6. You may use friends and family to help carry out your efforts

  7. You may not spend any money at all, nor can you have any friends or family help by buy you items to help fortify your efforts

  8. You must follow all social distancing protocols if your Color Theory Final is in a public setting

  9. You may work at any size you desire

  10. You may work on any platform you feel will help you achieve your end result—following all aspects of my protocols


Visuals for your benefit:



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