Email Mr. Hester at for any questions or concerns you might be running into. This work you will be submitting will be your first grades of the 4th quarter.  Please make sure you are sending in your own personal Formal Written Critical Reviews of your work on the following dates as well. Both English and Spanish versions are available.


B Day Op Art Finals and Crits are due by 12pm on Wednesday, March 25th

A Day Op Art Finals and Crits are due by 12pm on Thursday, March 26th


Questions that have come up:

May I use a different medium other than Marker? Answer--Yes, you may use colored pencil but it must be done opaque with definitive blended phases from Flat Shape codes HL, L, ML, M, MD, D.


If I use marker do I have to bleed it out with water and a brush?  Answer--No, but you better be blending the each color variation seamlessly.


If I have ruined my 12 X 18 sheet of white paper can I get another sheet from the store and start over? Answer--Yes you may, but your due date is not changing


What size paper are we working on? As stated in the previous question. 12" X 18" White


When you are finished and satisfied with then end result, write your crit, take a pic and share it with me on my google drive.


Thanks-- Beginning Art I's

Be Safe, Smart and Savvy!


Mr. Hester

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